Frequently asked questions

Find the answer to some commom questions.

How do I change the registration data?
I have a site that the main language is not Portuguese, can I register?
I already use other affiliate networks. Can I still enroll in Afilio?
How do I know if the site has been approved or not?
What are the criteria adopted for approval of a website?
How do I choose the best campaigns for my channel?
Can I choose the campaigns I want to participate in?
Can I quit any campaign at any time?
Who can become an affiliate?
I want to advertise, how do I do?
How do I become a publisher?
How to generate the deeplinks?
Why was the campaign paused?
What are public campaigns?
What are private campaigns?
What are restricted campaigns?
I bought with the Afilio's link and the sale did not capture. What happened?
My sale was not computed on the platform, what could have happened?
Do I have to pay anything to join?
What are the types of remuneration that Afilio works?