Affiliation surpasses other marketing channels.

Affiliate marketing.

A strategy where everyone wins.
Affiliation power

The affiliation power

Unique results-driven digital strategy.

Affiliation or affiliate marketing, or performance marketing, is an effective way of measuring return on investment.

What is your role in Affiliation?

Affiliate affiliation or marketing is also known as Performance Marketing because it is the only digital strategy that is totally results oriented. Performance Marketing is an effective way of measuring return on investment.

Anunciante/Agência - O poder da afiliação
Advertiser or agencie

Through Afilio, advertisers or agencies leverage their products and services, whether in sales, leads or brand exposure. And commission the affiliates who performed.

Afiliados - O poder da afiliação

We can call the affiliate a digital entrepreneur. It is any individual or legal entity that through various models of dissemination or innovative technology promotes product / service / brand made available by the advertiser of Afilio. Whenever the consumer makes a purchase, as soon as validated by the advertiser, the affiliate receives commission.

Afilio - O poder da afiliação

With a unique and exclusive platform, brings together the best affiliates and delivery to your customers (advertisers and agencies), sales, leads and brand / product / service exposure. It leverages customer growth and measures investment effectively.

What is your role in the scenario?


Increase your brand exposure!

Generate more sales and leads. Reward affiliates for successfully promoting your products / services. Become an advertiser of Afilio network!

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Be a member of the Afilio network!

Be a partner of the best brands in Brazil and Latin America. Earn commissions in partnership with leading brands in Brazil and Latin America, successfully promoting products and services.

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