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Extend your profits and increase the reach of your campaigns.

Improve the return on your investments.

Advertise and pay only for performance.
Advertise with Afilio


Numerous advantages in advertising with Afilio.

Know everything you will get right.

  • Over 50,000 affiliates manually selected in each campaign;
  • audience segmented and qualified, national and international;
  • campaign template by performance;
  • exclusive service: manager dedicated to the campaign;
  • expertise in consumer behavior and the digital market;
  • reference in service in performance networks;
  • fraud control;
  • own platform with real-time monitoring;
  • multiple channels for campaign optimization.
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Business models

Our models are focused on return on investment!

Afilio works with several commercial models, see the list of them all:

  • CPA

    Commission based on the purchase of a product, perfect for performance.

  • CPL

    Commission for completing registration forms.

  • CPI

    Based on the app, software and toolbars installation.

  • CPC

    Targeted and qualified traffic, perfect for branding campaigns.

  • CPM

    Cost per 1000 impressions. Indicated for traffic generation and branding

  • CPD

    Based on hiring email marketing release to qualified bases.

  • CPV

    Cost per view or visit. Perfect for branding.

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Advertising formats

Several formats to achieve your goal!

Our affiliates work with all formats of disclosure.

Text links

E-mail marketing

Discount coupons

XML feeds





Native ads


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